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Uber driving is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to earn an income in the busy city without having to adhere to strict working hours. However, the start-up costs involved with becoming an Uber driver can be quite daunting; especially if you don’t already own a PCO approved vehicle.

It’s important to realise that you can still become an Uber driver if you don’t own a car. There are plenty of schemes, from ‘rent to buy a car’ to ‘PCO car hire’, which are available to help you kickstart your journey and get behind the wheel. All that you need is a driver’s license and a PCO license to get started!

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Our PCO car hire specialists have put together this helpful guide, which will help you save costs when getting your own Uber vehicle.

How to become an Uber driver without owning a car

There are two main schemes to choose from when finding cars for Uber: the Rent 2 Buy scheme and the PCO Car Hire scheme. The right scheme will depend on your lifestyle, but with investments as small as £225 per week, both are accessible. Below, we will discuss both of the options in further detail, so that you can decide which is the best fit for you.

  1. Rent 2 Buy

A rent to buy car scheme means that you can become the owner of a brand new car after a set period of paying weekly or monthly fees. This is an excellent option for long-term Uber drivers who wish to own a vehicle, without paying the high costs that come with paying for it outright.

With Hirebrid, you have the option to rent 2 buy either a brand new car or a second-hand car. The choice will entirely depend on your lifestyle and financial situation, but both schemes will land you with your very own vehicle, either way. Prices start from just £250 per week, and with this, you’ll receive a PCO insured, Uber-ready, vehicle.

  1. PCO Car Hire

The PCO car hire scheme is perfect for drivers who have a PCO license but don’t have an Uber-ready vehicle which can be used. PCO car hire involves paying a set-price each week for as long as you need the vehicle for. The vehicle is returned once you have finished with it.

Our PCO car hire scheme goes above and beyond expectations, and our PCO cars for hire in London are the most cost-efficient around (starting from £225 per week). All vehicles are fully insured and maintained by our team – this means that you can spend more time driving and less time worrying about any service work which may need to be done.

Finding the right Uber vehicle

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To find the right vehicle for you, Uber suggests asking the following three questions:

How long do you plan to be an Uber driver for? If you’re not ready to commit to an Uber driving career, then the PCO car hire scheme will be your best choice, as you can return the vehicle at any given time. If you plan on being an Uber driver for years to come, however, then renting to buy will be the most logical decision.

What is your financial situation like? Both schemes mentioned in this guide will require a deposit, and at Hirebrid, this deposit is £500. The deposit is refundable on the PCO car hire scheme.

How flexible will your working hours be? The great thing about Uber driving is that you become your own boss. If you have a rough idea as to how flexible your working hours will be, then you’ll be able to make an informed decision on the best scheme for you. Hiring an Uber car is perfect for those who won’t be spending too much time on the roads, as the car rental company will cover the maintenance costs.

TL;DR – Yes, you can become an Uber driver if you don’t own a car. As long as you have a driver’s license and meet Uber’s driver requirements, you will be eligible for PCO car hire and rent schemes.

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