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A recent study has found that the number of charging stations for electric vehicles has increased drastically in recent years, suggesting that the UK will be ready to tackle Co2 emissions sooner than once thought.

Is the UK ready for the rise of electric vehicles?

We here at Hirebrid, have found that the UK is now home to 11,759 charging stations in oppose to a frequently decreasing 8,494 petrol stations, meaning electrical vehicle usage is on the rise. With global electric vehicle sales expected to grow by 32.5% each year, it seems that the times are changing and our impact on the environment is becoming a positive one.

More than 5 million electric cars are now being used in the world and over 1 million used in Europe, so it seems that the rise in popularity is finally speeding up. But, with 25% of people claiming to buy electric cars to improve their environmental responsibility, can we guarantee that they’re helping to lower Co2 emissions? Well, spanning from 2001 to 2018, CO2 emissions have almost halved, and are expected to decrease more and more each year. This suggests that as long as the rise of the electric car continues to soar, we can expect to see more positive global changes.

The increasing number of low emission zones

As well as increasing the number of charging stations in order to make owning an electric vehicle more accessible, many countries are introducing low emission zones to tackle their carbon footprint. Over 220 cities around Europe now have low emission zones, which essentially means that heavily-polluting vehicles are either restricted or banned from entering the area. Since this scheme was put in place over Greater London back in 2008, electric vehicles have become more favoured as a way to avoid fines and guilt regarding damaging the environment. Having an electric car in low emission zones will reduce the risk of running into trouble or having to worry about whether your vehicle meets regulations.

In addition to this, new ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) charges are going to be put in place from April 2019, as a further attempt to clean up the air quality of London. If your vehicle fails to meet the new emission standards, you’ll be faced with a hefty fine for passing through the ULEZ. You can find out if your car meets the expected standards here.

How is the future looking?

The future is looking green, but there’s certainly a long way to go before we can deem ourselves in an environmentally friendly world. Leading the rise in the electric car movement is China, who saw a whopping 2910% increase in the electric car market share between 2013 and 2017. Following this trend is the UK with a 1700% increase and Germany with 1550%.

With an increasing demand for electric vehicles, comes a growing demand for more charging points, and although we’re moving in the right direction, there’s still a long way to go in order to accompany the expected rise in EV owners.

For more information on the rise in electric vehicle charging stations, check out Hirebrid’s findings here: 


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