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So you have applied to become an UBER driver and all has gone as planned. You have received your PCO card, PCO paper, DVLA check code and PHV licence.

Now you are ready to drive and earn some money from the UBER app.

There are some things which as a PCO driver you are not allowed to do.

Main among these is the fact that the PCO cars are NOT black cabs or buses, therefore, you are not allowed to drive in the bus lane. This is not allowed unless you are a black cab or a bus. This means that you are not allowed to drop off or pick up any passengers on the bus lane either.

When you pick up a passenger it is nice to be polite and not to be rude. This can affect the rating that the customer gives you and therefore this will affect your rating with UBER.

When the trip is happening try to be considerate and ask the passenger if they would like a radio station on or if they would like some water. It is always good to keep water in the car for the passengers. They will remember this gesture and then your rating will be better for that.

When the trip is over if a tip is given then be very kind and thankful and then they will remember the trip and rating will increase.

So that is the way to be a good UBER PCO driver. They will remember you and give you a good rating. Also, make sure that you follow the road signs. Do not turn in to roads where there is a no-turn sign or no entry sign. No stopping in the bus lane and no dropping off or picking up passengers in the bus lane.

Stay safe and drive safe! Go to for any more information. Call us on 020 7722 0020 if there are any questions.