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Whether you are a professional taxi driver who is thinking of diversifying or someone looking to make extra money in their spare time by ferrying paying customers around, Uber will certainly be on your radar. As the most popular private driver hire app in many parts of the world, Uber has revolutionised the way people utilize private transportation and seriously disrupted the minicab industry in the process.

Fascinating as this 21st century smartphone app phenomenon is, most people are more interested in what Uber can do for them rather than learning about the history of the organization and it this topic we are going to address in this brief article.

The Advantages of Driving for Uber

If you are thinking of visiting your nearest PCO car hire provider before applying to join the growing ranks of Uber drivers in London but you are not quite sure if it is the right thing to do, below are some points to mull over before you get started. These points outline the advantages that Uber offers both part-time and full-time drivers when compared to the most popular alternatives.

  1. Flexible hours

    Probably the biggest advantage of driving for Uber rather than working for a local minicab firm is the fact that you get to set your own hours every day. If you don’t fancy getting out of bed one morning that’s fine: just go back to sleep and enjoy the wonderful sense of freedom that comes from being able to work whenever you wish. However, if you hire a PCO car rental vehicle, you should be sure that you are going to put in enough hours to make it worthwhile. You get an awful lot in return for your rental payments but you do need to be prepared to work on a regular basis to make it a financially viable proposition.

  2. Easy Approval

    Because you will be self-employed, you do not have to impress anybody at an interview before you can start driving for Uber. Assuming that you have a full driving license and no criminal convictions, you should have no problem being accepted. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of getting your car approved by Uber, pick up one of the late-model PCO cars for rent that we and other reputable providers have available: they are all pre-approved and ready to go.

  3. Ability to Leverage Local Knowledge

    Minicab drivers often have little say in where they go on a daily basis but if you are an Uber driver, you can choose where to park up and turn on your app every day. This means you can focus on areas where your local knowledge gives you a natural advantage over other drivers.

If you would like to try driving for Uber, please do not hesitate to call for further information about our PCO car hire services in London. We take care of all the paperwork, maintenance and service for you so that you can concentrate on driving and earning more money!