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Depending on where and when you operate as a PCO driver, you may not be constantly in demand. For instance, you might have endless requests on a lively weekend, but plenty of free time during the day, which could leave you feeling bored or frustrated while you wait for your next fare. However, there are plenty of worthwhile activities you can do until the next time a customer makes a request for your services. Here are five productive things to do in between rides.

  1. Learn your area in more detail

    Getting to know your local area better can improve your ability to navigate the roads and prevent any hiccups or delays when you pick up your next passenger. This will be especially beneficial if you get stuck in traffic, or find yourself up against any road obstructions, as you’ll be likely to have an alternative route in mind. While this will help you complete your rides more efficiently, it will also provide a better experience for customers, as you won’t have to ask them for alternate directions, or rely on GPS to reach their destination.

    Studying a paper map is the best way to do this, since you will be able to make notes, experiment with routes and circle specific areas. While your smartphone also offers a variety of map apps, you’ll likely want to keep it free so you’re always ready to accept any incoming journeys.


  2. Restock supplies

    A break gives you the perfect opportunity to make sure you have enough of the things you and your passengers might need for your next journey. Be sure to stock up on items like tissues, water bottles and hand sanitiser, the latter being especially important as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to require increased safety measures. This also means you won’t have to shop for supplies outside of working hours, and can improve a rider’s experience, boosting your chance of receiving high ratings.


  3. Take a break

    The upside of working as a PCO driver is that you are in charge of your hours, determining when you work and for how long. However, if you get caught up in completing journey after journey, you might forget to take a break. It’s vital as a driver to properly look after yourself and ensure your physical and mental health doesn’t take a hit. Driving requires your complete focus at all times, so staying hydrated and getting enough sleep is important. However, to keep your energy levels up during your shifts, take a moment in between rides to stretch your legs or grab a coffee and something to eat. This will prevent burnout, and allow you to keep a sustainable work schedule that doesn’t leave you feeling too exhausted.


  4. Learn a new skill

    Why not use any spare time in between rides to learn new skills? There’s an online course for almost everything, meaning you’re sure to find something you’ll be interested in. Considering how convenient it is to learn digitally through YouTube videos or via an app, you should ideally pick a topic which isn’t too hands-on. You could learn a new language, how to code, or even teach yourself how to draw. Not only will this serve as good use of your time, but will also enrich your mind with informative and educational content.


  5. Listen to an audiobook

    If you enjoy reading, but don’t find enough time to do it in your busy working schedule, you could listen to an audiobook. This is especially handy because the format means you don’t need to take a physical book with you on journeys — all you need is your smartphone and an app like Audible to start listening. No matter your taste in literature, from novels to non-fiction, there are thousands of titles to choose from, and your choice of reading material may even help you spark a conversation with your next passenger.