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There are a number of articles out there which tell you how to increase the partner rating for Uber. This condenses that into one article for all PCO drivers to get information.

According to the UBER help website there are a number of things you can do to increase your rating:

5 star driver-partners report that riders appreciate it when they:

– keep vehicles clean, well-maintained, and scent-free
– ask riders about a preferred route to a destination
– keep the conversation polite, professional, and respectful
– dress professionally
– open vehicle doors for riders
– provide bottled water, snacks, gum, mints, and cell phone chargers
– help with luggage and bags when it’s safe to do so

There are a number of other things that drivers can do to help the experience of the passengers. Basic things like keeping vehicles clean goes a long way to making the passenger feel comfortable and they will notice that. They may even tip you some money afterwards.

Etiquette like opening the door for the passenger makes them feel special and they may have been having a bad day and all of a sudden that opening of the door has made them feel that much more better and brightened their day.

Asking the passenger about the preferred route to destination may be necessary only on longer journeys if the driver knows the way. It beats having to follow the sat nav all the time but usually most PCO drivers will follow the sat nav.

You wouldn’t like to get picked up for a meeting or a trip by someone who is scruffily dressed in tracksuit bottoms and a t shirt. Someone who is dressed like that more than likely will not open the door for you, have a clean car or care much about the passenger.

Whereas, if someone who is in a jacket or is wearing trousers with a shirt you will be more relaxed going to the car and know that you will have a more enjoyable ride.

So these are a couple of tips about how to increase your partner rating and make sure you stay safe on the road.

Keep checking back here for up-to-date articles helping the PCO drivers on the road stay in the know on what to know!

Till next time…..stay HIREBRID!!