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Hybrid PCO cars are very different in many ways to regular vehicles you see on the road. They include advanced electronics systems, on-board storage batteries and electric drive motors which make routine maintenance very different than what many of us are used to.

When operated as designed, hybrid vehicles used for PCO car hire are able to shut off their internal combustion engines and operate on the electric motor only. This saves a lot of fuel for the driver and is one of the main reason why hybrid cars are becoming so popular. The electric motor is mainly used during certain conditions such as low speed manoeuvring and light cruising. If you have purchased or rented a car from Hirebrid then you would most likely be in tune with the environment. Here are some helpful tips on how to look after your vehicle and keep it running at peak performance.

Cooling System

When inspecting the engine cooling system be sure to check the individual hoses, pipes and clamps as well any additional filters that may be used on the motor and battery cooling/heating system.

Checking tyres

This is the same as any vehicle, hybrid or not. It is especially important for PCO car hire drivers as more mileage is put on the vehicle. Tyre pressure is important on every vehicle and the correct tyre pressure will provide a good ride and slow down the wear on the tyres. It is also good to rotate the tyres to ensure even wear.

Monitoring the Battery 

The battery is a vital component in a hybrid PCO car and it needs to be checked monthly to ensure the connections are tight and that there is no corrosion on the terminals.

Brakes Wear

All vehicles, including electric cars and hybrid cars, need brakes. Brakes should be checked every 20,000 miles, especially on vehicles used for PCO car hire.

Suspension Maintenance

Suspension is almost entirely the same on all vehicles whether they are hybrid or not. There is usually no maintenance necessary. If you need any information regarding this please call Hirebrid on 020 7722 0020.

Keeping your hybrid PCO car on the road is easy as long as you provide routine maintenance and keep everything in good condition. A properly maintained car will break down less frequently and provide PCO car rental drivers in London with many many miles of service.

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