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Do you want to make more money as a PCO driver in London but just can’t seem to figure out how. I mean, you are working every day, you are friendly and your car is clean, you even have a small dish of sweets for your passengers. What else can you be doing? A lot. In fact, experts say that many of today’s PCO drivers are not making as much as they could be and all they have to do is change a few things to earn more. Let’s see how:

Ways To Maximise Your Earnings As A PCO Driver In London

Start early and work late

Even waking up and starting work an hour earlier can add a significant amount to your income. The same goes for working late. Add an extra hour to your workday and you might find that you have been missing out on some valuable opportunities.

Be knowledgeable of your area

Knowing your area can make you more efficient and it can help you find more customers as you will know where to look. Know the best routes and know the best times to work in your area.

Don’t waste time

Before you arrive to pick up your customer, send them an SMS to let them know that you will be there within 1 minute and that they should be outside when you arrive. This will save time waiting for them and it will decrease your turnover time enabling you to find another customer much quicker.

Get the customer in and out of your car quickly

No, this doesn’t mean push them in and rush them out. It means that helping them in and out of the car with their bags can save you a significant amount of time and it will add to that customer service you have been working on.

Make friends

Everywhere you go, you will find an opportunity to grow your business and increase your profits. Visit hotels in your area and make friends at the front desk. Leave your business card and they might pass your number on to guests who need transportation. The same it true for local restaurants, night clubs and other venues.

Don’t avoid fares

Some PCO drivers will complain that they don’t make enough money, yet they avoid fares or just don’t want to work. To make good money as a PCO driver, you have to work and you don’t ever want to miss a call from a customer who needs a ride.