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Owning a car might make life more convenient, but unfortunately, the whole process pays a considerable debt on both our environment and bank balances. In a day and age where we need to frantically lower our car emissions to meet specific targets and live a cleaner lifestyle, it has become all the more important to make small changes and contribute to a healthier planet.

Car emissions are a genuine problem right now, but luckily, there are many things which you can do to reduce car emissions and live an environmentally-conscious life.

Benefits of Reducing Car Emissions

There are many benefits which come with reducing car emissions. If you follow the steps in this guide, then you will find your car performing better than ever before while also being cheaper to run. You’ll even spot an increase in fuel economy if followed correctly, and of course, you’ll be having a very positive impact on the environment.

How Can I Reduce Car Emissions?

As you can see, the benefits of reducing your car emissions are too good to ignore. And, luckily, all of the tips for reducing emissions are incredibly doable.

  1. Switch To Electric Cars

The more modern a vehicle is, the more environmentally-conscious its manufacturers would have been when designing it. Due to this, to cut down on your car emissions, it might be worth looking into purchasing a new vehicle.

Studies show that Co2 emissions have plummeted ever since the rise in electric vehicles. In fact, global electric vehicle sales are expected to grow by 32.5% each year, proving that the future has the potential to be electric, and not to mention, green. If purchasing a new car seems like a bit of a drastic leap, then our rent to buy scheme is a perfect alternative for saving money while still reducing car emissions.

  1. Avoid Pointless Car Journeys

From the second you start your engine, your car will be emitting fumes. With this in mind, consider doing car shares or walking to the destinations which you usually use your car for. You’ll not only be reducing emissions, but you’ll start to lead a healthier lifestyle, too.

  1. Use Public Transport

There are multiple forms of public transport ready and waiting for you to use, so why not switch up your usual routine and leave the car at home? And, if you’re adamant that you would rather stay in a car, you can use a PCO car hire scheme to make it all possible.

  1. Be Cautious Of Your Driving Style

Believe it or not, you can actively reduce car emissions by making small tweaks to the way that you drive: 

  • Break sooner to reduce the impact
  • Change gears sooner
  • Stay in a low rev range
  • Avoid coasting

Next time you’re in the car, focus on the above pointers and feel pride in knowing that you’re benefitting the environment.

  1. Check Tyre Pressures

Having a low tyre pressure will contribute to increases in Co2 emissions and fuel consumption. Although checking your tyres might not be at the forefront of your mind, it’s essential to do so monthly.

  1. Switch Off Your Engine!

Keeping the engine running while sitting in traffic or waiting for a friend will waste a lot of fuel. If you find yourself sitting idly with the engine running for longer than a minute, switch the engine off and restart it when you’re ready to move.

Contribute To A Cleaner Environment

With these six tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to contributing to a cleaner environment. Once you realise how simple improving your footprint is, you’ll be able to make even more changes to your daily life!