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Uber is a platform that connects commuters to riders. Where Uber has proven itself time & again as the most affordable taxi service for consumers, it has also become the most favorable way of earning. It serves the sole purpose of helping unemployed individuals & students earn some money while assuring them safe rides. This application has a simple registration process which doesn’t require extensive allocation of your resourceful time.

There are several reasons for which I have been an advocate of this business opportunity for unemployed individuals & students, which are elaborated below:

Provides Workplace Flexibility

Schedule flexibility is one of the most attractive attributes cherished by Uber drivers. The drivers not only choose to drive at their choice of time but they choose the off time as well. This feature helps especially students who have university projects & examinations in the tight life schedule already.

An easy way of Earning

Uber’s model of making money is very simple. With lesser jobs available in the market & even lesser opportunities for students to work, Uber works as the perfect way of earning money.

Standard Rates

Uber has a set standard rate card for calculation of fares. This eliminates the chance of commuters to negotiate on the rates & waste time of drivers in getting a cheaper fare. With the in-app features like fare estimation & self-generated ride fare, both ends cherish a friendly ride environment.

Peak Factors

Uber is the sole facilitator of drivers; taking in consideration of situations like traffic jams, late night shift, uncertain weather conditions & demand/supply factors, Uber aids the drivers with this unique feature of Peak Factor. This feature puts a multiplier at the base rate, helping the driver earn extra money for the extra effort. As proclaimed by Uber, this feature is to encourage drivers to come online & pick up the passengers.

Productive use of Free-time

Uber helps unemployed individuals make use of their free time & be productive about it. Driving with uber doesn’t only help them earn money but it also decreases their frustration level by consuming their energy/resources in the most fruitful way possible. So rather than wasting time on Netflix & Snapchat, partnering with Uber to make some money is always a good idea!

Easy Entry Barriers

The registration process of partnering with Uber as a driver is very easy. It’s a three-step process, where you first need to register yourself online, then share your legal documents & install the app and drive!

Uber accelerates the economy by addressing unemployment & helping the common man to make some money. Uber drivers are considered independent contractors, where they serve as their own boss with minimum to no restrictions. Technology like Uber, enables us to move to more efficient ways of driving which are safer than ever and benefit the drivers & the society. So rather than wasting your time/effort in unproductive activities, it is highly recommended to make use of this opportunity & earn money!