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Diesel cars and the diesel industry overall has had a rough time as of late. With scandals involving top automakers changing smog output ratings and “clean” types of diesel proving not to be so clean after all, it seems that many people are turning away from diesel cars in Europe and moving towards eco-friendly Hybrid vehicles.

While diesel used to be the original eco-friendly car with higher miles per gallon, better torque, which came in useful in some smaller diesel cars, and an overall satisfaction rating which was much higher than those of diesel’s gasoline engine counterparts, diesel is being replaced by something that is more eco-friendly, more economical and has even higher satisfaction ratings. What is that replacement? Hybrid cars, of course! Which is good news for the PCO drivers, and the PCO car market!

The First Time in History That the German State Has Put Air Quality Before the Interests of the Car Industry

Environmentalists in Europe have been fighting for change as the air quality in many EU countries has gotten much worse with no end in sight. Diesel have been spewing high levels of pollutants into the air for decades and it seemed that the government was protecting automakers by relaxing the laws on diesel-powered vehicles. That all changed in February of this year when Germany’s Federal Administrative Court issued a landmark ruling that decreed that German cities can bar older diesel vehicles from congested downtown streets. This law was already put to the test in two of Germany’s smoggiest cities, Stuttgart and Düsseldorf.

Could this lead to similar laws in other EU countries? Experts say yes, like many other countries, including the UK, have proposed their own diesel restrictions in some of the country’s most congested cities. With many of the cars on the road working for the PCO car hire market to have efficient cars, dynamic cars and for our PCO drivers to make sure that they are doing the least amount of damage to the environment as possible. Here at Hirebrid, our whole fleet is Uber ready and PCO ready – this includes our Prius, Prius Plus and Auris models.

Go Hybrid

While automakers and their backers say that diesel-powered cars are here to stay, car buyers aren’t so sure. With a lack of trust in today’s diesel car manufacturers and the price of hybrids coming down as the technology improves and becomes more mainstream, many new car buyers are turning to hybrids as an alternative. The PCO car market has taken very well to this news as well as the Prius, Prius Plus and Auris cars which are more efficient and get better miles per gallon.

Automakers have a lot to do to change the minds of car buyers who still feel duped by the VW diesel scandal, and it might be better for them to focus their energy and resources on hybrid car technology rather than trying to improve diesel car air quality and performance.

Here at HireBrid we believe that the diesel car has had its time to shine. The Hybrid model is clearly more efficient, more dynamic and most importantly better for the environment!
Join our team today for the best service in the PCO market, with all our Prius, Prius Plus and Auris models which meet the highest standard in the PCO car hire market.

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