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As a PCO Driver, you are always on the road. This means you are more likely to have a flat tyre, and even though most of you already know how to put on the spare, here are a few tips just in case. If you have never changed one before, learn these easy steps to avoid spending hours waiting for the breakdown team to help and saving yourself from losing potential income on the road.

1. Pull over in a safe place and put your hazard lights on.

2. Check all your tyres and see which one is flat.

3. Open your boot, remove the boot carpet and take out the spare tyre along with the tools and locking wheel nut.

4. The new Toyota Prius’s will have hub caps secured on the wheels. Remove the hub cap using the tools from the car.

5. Loosen the bolts including the locking wheel bolt using the locking wheel nut.

6. Underneath the car, next to the flat tyre, there is a designated place for the jack to be placed under. Put the Jack in this space and jack up the car using the wrench provided with your tools.

7. Remove the wheel bolts using the wrench or alternatively you can take them out using your hands.

8. Remove the flat tyre, and place this in your boot in the space designated for the spare.

9. Place the spare tyre on the vehicle ensuring it lines up with the holes for the bolts.

10. Place the bolts on by hand and twist a few times to stay in place. Use the jack to screw the bolts on securely but do not tighten.

11. Jack the vehicle down and once you remove the jack, tighten the wheel bolts using the wrench.

Your spare tyre is now fully secure. Please proceed to our garage to get a new tyre put on for you.