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There is a wide range of costs that apply to the PCO car hire industry and drivers are always looking for new and innovative ways that they can reduce these costs and still provide the best possible service to their customers. While one of the biggest expenses PCO drivers in London face is typically maintenance, there are still some other expenses that can be reduced by following some simple steps.

Driving smart is important for anyone on the road, but it is especially true for PCO drivers. If you log a lot of km per day, you can save money by driving safe and driving smart: When starting off, don’t accelerate harshly as this uses a lot more fuel than if you started off at a normal pace.

When braking, don’t use your brakes as a gear and don’t brake too hard unless you absolutely need to. This can wear down your brake pads quickly requiring replacement which can become costly.

Don’t speed. Speeding uses more fuel and that can add up quickly.

When parked, turn off the engine to conserve fuel or battery charge.

Saving Money On Maintenance

Typically, we have three types of maintenance PCO cars require:
• Preventative (Routine) Maintenance
• Shift Maintenance
• Seasonal Maintenance

Preventative maintenance- this includes checking your oil, coolant and other fluid levels as well as checking your tire pressure on a regular basis. Ensuring your car is properly maintained will save you a lot of money in repairs later on.

Shift maintenance- this is typically performed before and after your shift and it includes checking your tires, fuel level and the cleanliness of the interior and exterior of your car.

Seasonal maintenance- this can include making sure your coolant levels are correct in the hot months, washer fluid is full and that your tires are able to handle the road conditions presented by the weather.

Saving money on fuel is important and it can add up to thousands of pounds per year when done properly. Use a fuel app which will give you the least expensive source for fuel in your area. You might even find that many petrol stations will offer discounts on other items for PCO drivers in London.

Maintaining your vehicle and driving carefully will save you a lot of money over the course of a year and in the PCO car hire industry, every bit counts.