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Uber’s vehicle guidelines are pretty relaxed – just about anyone with a compliant car and valid PCO license can take to the roads and earn an income through driving.

Although lax vehicle guidelines might be the case, it only takes a few rides as an Uber passenger to realise that there’s a trend in the PCO cars for hire. There are many reasons behind this; from the ease of use to cost efficiency. With this trend in mind, we have put together this guide to introduce you to the most popular PCO cars for Uber driving in London; picking apart why they should be your go-to PCO car hire vehicle of choice for years to come.


What are London’s Uber vehicle requirements?

The requirements for Uber vehicles within the London area are slightly stricter than those for the rest of the country. If you wish to become an Uber driver in London, take a look at the requirements below and see if your vehicle is compliant:

  • 4-door car with a minimum of 5 seats
  • No commercial branding
  • The model year needs to be 2008 or newer
  • No cosmetic damage
  • Must comply with TfL’s Age & Condition policy

It is worth noting that Uber wishes for all of their vehicles to be automatic by 2025, in order to support a smoother and easier driving experience.

Not everyone is expected to own a car with all of the right requirements. However, all of our PCO car hire vehicles are compliant with Uber’s London vehicle guidelines, meaning you can get on the roads in no time at all with our cost-efficient schemes.

The top 3 cars for Uber drivers in London

Now that you’re aware of the vehicle requirements needed to succeed as an Uber driver, it’s time to discover the most popular cars which are used for PCO car hire and Uber car services in London!

  1. Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is one of the most popular vehicles used for PCO car hire and Uber driving, not just in London, but around the whole world. There are many reasons as to why Uber drivers love the Toyota Prius so much, from fuel efficiency to safety.

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Fuel-efficiency is easily one of the most attractive features that an Uber-compliant vehicle can have. The Prius is a hybrid vehicle, meaning it is incredibly fuel-efficient when out on the roads. The Prius drives around 52 miles per gallon; perfect for keeping fuel costs down.

Understandably, the Toyota Prius is the best vehicle around for Uber drivers, but more times than not, the purchase costs are too high to justify. This is the exact reason as to why we have a PCO car hire scheme with a fleet of Uber approved Toyota Prius’ ready and waiting to be driven. If you wish to learn more about our cheap and easy Toyota Prius’ available for hire, contact us today.

  1. Mercedes E Class

The Mercedes E Class is a popular option for drivers wishing to offer a more lavish, UberExecutive, service. Once again, this vehicle guaranteed to provide passengers with a smooth experience from start to finish. There’s no denying that the sleek design of this car will stand out from miles away, and passengers who are willing to pay slightly more for their journeys will certainly be in for a treat.

The most popular PCO cars for Uber driving in London 3


  1. Toyota Auris Touring

The Auris Touring is another cost-efficient vehicle which Uber drivers can’t get enough of. The dynamic styling and spacious interior of the car attract drivers and passengers alike. The Auris Touring is known for having an extremely spacious boot, which is perfect for airport trips which require heavy luggage transportation

The most popular PCO cars for Uber driving in London 2

You can get your hands on the Auris Touring through our rent to buy scheme for as little as £225 a week. Just like the Toyota Prius, our Auris Touring vehicles are both PCO and Uber approved.

Get on the roads in your Uber-compliant car

Now that you know which vehicles will provide you with the best experience as an Uber driver, it’s time to get one of your own! We have many affordable PCO cars for hire at Hirebrid, so get in touch with us today if you wish to learn more.