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Our cities are getting all the more hectic; particularly in London. More and more people are finding the confidence to get behind the wheel in the city, meaning naturally, the streets are becoming more congested and full of potential hazards.

Cars in a busy city

With so much uncertainty on city streets, you need to be fully prepared for whatever comes your way. Whether you’re frequently driving around the city due to being a PCO driver or you’re preparing for an upcoming trip, take a look at the following top tips for driving in busy cities. It’s important to ensure that you’re having a safe and stress-free experience.

Our Top Tips For Driving in Bust Cities

  1. Plan Your Route Carefully

Getting lost while driving around in the city is an incredibly frustrating experience; there are so many streets to get lost down, and usually, there are stacks of traffic obstructing you from making a sudden correction.

When possible, plan your route the night before so that you’re not taken back by anything. If you’re a PCO driver, however, ensure that you use smart apps like Waze. Waze gives you real-time updates about everything on the roads and will even plan the most convenient route for you.

  1. Consider Alternative Forms Of Transport

If you’re worried about driving in a busy city and would rather take the backseat, then you’ll find comfort in knowing that all cities have alternative forms of transport which you can utilise. From buses to trains and taxis to Uber, you’ll never be short on alternative modes of transportation. The rise in popularity of uber car hire in London means you’ll never run short on drivers in your area. Avoid the stress of heavy traffic and let a driver who does this for a living deal with it for you.

Of course, if you’re already an Uber driver in London, then use the rest of the tips in this guide to help you tackle the busy city streets.

  1. Avoid Rush Hour – If Possible!

City streets are always going to be busy, but in order to make your travels slightly less daunting, avoid travelling during rush hours. The rush hour is typically between the hours of 7am – 9am and 4pm – 6pm and the chances of experiencing huge delays during these times are very high.

With this being said, if you’re looking to earn an extra income through driving, then being out in rush hour might be worth it. The demand for Uber cars during this time is high, meaning prices are raised slightly.

  1. Check Your Insurance

If you’ve used our PCO car hire scheme, then you’ll take great comfort in knowing that your car will be fully insured in the unfortunate event of an accident. All issues will be dealt with by the Hirebrid team, from servicing through to maintenance and repairs. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever need to claim the insurance, but it’s important to have it as a safety net just in case. Get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more about our insured PCO cars.

  1. Know Where You’re Parking

Finding a parking spot along busy city streets is a challenging task, and even when you do find one, there are usually strict rules in place or hefty charges. Be sure to check out parking spaces in the city before setting off, otherwise you’ll end up circling around the busy streets, raising car emissions. You can discover more about how to reduce car emissions here.

  1. Pay Close Attention To Speed Limits

Changes in speed limits can creep up on you when you’re focusing on the busy streets. You should always be aware of the speed limit, but be extra vigilant when in the city, as limit changes occur more often than you might think.

Impress Others With Your City Driving Excellence!

These top tips for driving in busy cities will be sure to lower your stress levels and improve your driving abilities. You’ll soon have no trouble whatsoever when heading into the city, meaning you’ll get far more work as a PCO driver and see far more of the area as an explorer.

If you like the sound of driving around busy cities and always being amongst the famous hustle and bustle, then speak to us today about our PCO car hire and Rent 2 Buy services.