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The year 2017 has been extremely eventful for Uber, the global transportation technology company and for various reasons, not everything seemed to favor them. To top it all, a few weeks ago, London transit authorities, the Transport for London (TfL) announced that they were revoking Uber’s license to operate in one of its biggest and competitive markets of the world, London, as the authorities felt that the company was not able to run their taxi service in the city.

This definitely came as a shocking surprise for the nation, even though Uber’s new global head, Dara Khosrowshahi had gracefully accepted their mistake, apologized humbly and had agreed onto the fact that Uber required to work even more hard to find a strong place in the hearts of London. He further added that Uber would make an urgent plea regarding the decision by TfL but at the same time would also make certain changes in the company which would benefit the Londoners.

Now what lies in fate for the Londoners and Uber is still uncertain, but we would like to bring you some of the most interesting perceptions regarding the usage of Uber in London and how popular is this app-based transportation company, which had become a sensational hit in London within few months of its arrival.

It is an agreeable fact that London is an expensive place to stay and the traditional black cabs are way more expensive than what Uber charges from the Londoners – no wonder, this app became an instant hit in London as it brought down the cab fares immensely and along with that provided comfortable and safe journey. If Uber is removed from London’s travel market, then Londoners might have to return back to those classic black cabs and also bid goodbye to their money.

Ever since the inception of Uber in London’s expansive society, there are reports which state that the company has hired more than 40,000 Uber drivers who are always on the go to provide seamless cab services to an estimated amount of 3.5 million residents who have downloaded the app. Most of these Londoners have accepted that Uber is easily accessible with cordial and cooperating drivers, plush seats and secure rides. The best part of Uber – it is highly pocket-friendly.

Uber has successfully gained a strong reputation among its users and has also emerged as the leading entity in the personal transportation market around the world. This simply means that Uber is endeavoring every single day to add comfort and convenience in everyone’s lives by offering smooth cab services in every part of the world. This leads to more competition, more supply of cars and drivers in the market and certainly a better supply of vehicles to the outer neighborhoods of the cities and in the suburbs. So, Londoners living on the outskirts of the city can now heave a sigh of relief.

What every resident of London will agree to the fact – Uber is highly convenient. A simple app which can be accessed at any point of the time (provided that the internet facilities are pretty good!), Uber can be easily requested for a cab and within minutes, it is right outside the door to pick up. Uber definitely saves a lot of time when you are planning to call a taxi dispatch service or simply waiting on the street for an empty cab to pass by.

One of the strongest USPs of Uber is its affordable cab services. London often turns out to be expensive for its citizens and with Uber arriving in the market, many had heaved a sigh of relief. With no requirements for tipping or renting the cab for the day, Uber can practically save a fortune and time – a lot more than the iconic black cabs of London.

With easy methods of payment options, Uber allows its riders to go cashless, literally! This app based company has developed a perfect platform that is paperless with payments. While several cabs in London offer half working credit card machine or at times no credit card options, Uber can easily process the payment through the mobile app. The electronic payment method is definitely useful, enabling the Londoners to be on their journey without worrying about the exact change.

Uber understands the requirements of its riders and hence has introduced an assorted range of vehicles that riders can choose from. Be it a large SUV or Limo for a group of friends or a regular cab for office trip, Uber ensures that every kind of vehicle is easily available for the convenience of the rider. If any rider is looking for a safe and trustworthy vehicle, then UberX is the ideal solution. It is not only the lowest cost ride offered by the company, but it is easy to access with friendly drivers.

Along with affordable car services in London, Uber has also committed themselves to keep the environment clean and safe, and what better way than by introducing UberPOOL. An interesting and new way for Londoners to reduce travel costs while also taking care of the environment by sharing rides. Uber respects the privacy and safety of every rider and hence makes sure that UberPOOL is accessible by authentic riders with a good review from Uber drivers. With UberPOOL, riders can expect to cut down on some cost while riding with another passenger and keeping the environment clean.

Uber enables its users to provide honest ratings and reviews for its drivers and as a result, this helps Uber to examine the ratings of the drivers and provide excellent services to the riders. The ability to rate drivers allows Londoners to experience the best drivers for their next rides with Uber.

Londoners deserve this life saving mobile app, Uber for their regular travel requirements and with the new CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi making promises of better and revolutionary changes in Uber, we can only expect the best to come from them.