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As children, we would often dream of the future. There would be robot servants, flying cars and time machines that could take us anywhere in the past or future that we wanted to go. Well, it is almost 2020, and two out of three is not bad. While time travel is still more sci-fi than reality, we do have robots that perform a wide range of duties. Flying cars are set to become a part of that and are soon going to become a real thing, all thanks to Uber.

With a projected date of public use by 2023 Uber, the PCO car hire giant, has promised a flying taxi network to be up and soaring within a couple of years. In a joint partnership with NASA,

The first markets to receive the flying car program will be Dallas and Los Angeles. These are two highly congested areas where the program should take off. The flying taxis will be fully electric and can reach speeds of 200 miles per hour while cruising at around 2,000 feet. The taxis will be piloted by humans who will receive specialized training and licenses similar to Uber’s PCO license scheme here in the UK. Uber has stated that they will eventually become autonomous after further testing to ensure the safety of passengers.

Fast Service, Affordable Rates

Uber will not be a part of the manufacturing process of the flying taxis. Instead, they will be sticking to their unique business plan of connecting passengers with PCO drivers. Customers will be able to summon a flying taxi via the Uber app. Although there will be a limited number of pick up and drop off points Uber sees many businesses joining the network. With flights from San Francisco to San Jose taking roughly 15 minutes and prices similar to Uber’s most expensive current services, the flying taxi service should become very popular among busy professionals and curiosity seekers.

If you have been waiting for flying cars to become a reality, your wait is almost over and Uber will have your ride waiting for you soon enough.