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UBER now classes drivers as employees

As you may have read yesterday in the news the Supreme Court Judge ruled, last month, that UBER drivers should be classified as workers and not independent 3rd party contractors.

This is good news for the near 70’000 drivers who use the UBER platform. Drivers will now be entitled to basic employment protections, some of these include minimum wage, holiday pay and also a pension scheme which comes into effect today.

Minimum wage figures currently are £8.72 for anyone over the age of 25, from next month this figure will increase to £8.91 per hour from those 23 and over.

This has been a long legal battle starting back in 2016 when the case was first brought forward by two ex UBER drivers. As a result of this win it has been speculated that fare increases may be on the horizon.

To find out more information please click here to read UBER’s statement.