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1) Dedicated support Line – They will now have a dedicated support line open 24/7 365 day a week so that anyone can get hold of a representative from Uber. This is good news because now there will always be someone available to talk to when you have received the wrong price for a trip, or you have received a cancellation charge when there was a misunderstanding. Now it will be easier to talk to someone regarding lost property and your phone may be a phone call away.

2) Police keeping informed – The police will now be informed directly of any issues which the driver has with the customer or the customer has with the driver. There will be more serious reporting of incidents which can be dealt with by the police and there will be no holding back on information.

3) Driver Licence Details – More information will be given to the customer on the driver than ever before.

The customer will be able to see the driver’s private hire vehicle number and which licensing authority has given them the certificate. This is in addition to the driver license number of the car, driver rating, name, and photo.

4) Driver Hours – Driver hours have finally been drastically reduced by placing a limit on them by Uber. This is so that the driver does not feel tired and therefore is less likely to get into an accident.

Uber is here to stay, and these new updates just show that they are ready to fulfill what is needed of them to carry on serving the customers of a bustling metropolitan city.