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By now you would have seen that the United Kingdom has been out of lockdown for nearly three days now. 

All restrictions have been lifted and no social distancing is necessary and no masks have to be worn. These are the rules and regulations which have been put in place and given by the government and Boris Johnson. 

However, Uber has decided to keep the mask-wearing rule in place for their drivers and we here at Hirebrid think this is a very good move by them. 

Face masks have been required in taxis and cabs in the UK for the past year

“There is nothing more important than the safety of our drivers and the riders who use the Uber app,” Ash Kebriti, Uber’s general manager in the UK, told The Independent.

“As cities continue to open up, we will ensure that face-coverings or masks continue to be a mandatory requirement, unless exempt, when travelling with Uber across the UK.”

One of the latest transport operators is Uber which has announced that the masks will continue to be mandatory on its services after Monday.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has declared masks mandatory on public transport in the capital and Greater Anglia has said masks will remain compulsory on its services.

Mayors including Greater Manchester’s Andy Burnham and West Midlands’ Andy Street have urged passengers to continue wearing face coverings but they do not have the power to make it mandatory, especially after the government’s decision.