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UBER and Unilever have partnered together to deliver 255’000 hygiene products to drivers in the UK, as London and the UK in general slowly start easing out of lockdown this will help to ensure that drivers and passengers are kept safe and clean.

This is a further step taken by UBER to ensure that they are doing everything possible to help support  drivers during these challenging times for everyone, the kit will include, Lifebuoy hand sanitiser, Cif spray, face mask and anti-bacterial wipes from Unilever allowing drivers to clean their hands and wipe down surfaces in the car.

Drivers will be able to access and request for their free kit from UBER by accessing their web shop which can be found here.

There is currently a two week waiting time and the contents of each PPE kit may vary.

You can also find some useful short video clips here which will help you with keeping your car safe and clean.

As always remember to stay safe!

Hirebrid team