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With the miserable and awful weather we’ve had last week and most likely to continue into this week we want you to be safe on the roads and have put together some helpful reminders to keep you safe during this unpredictable spell of weather!


Driving too close to another vehicle

Remember to always keep a safe distance from the car in front, this allows you to compensate in case something unexpected occurs such as the car in front of you brakes too early or too late.

Avoid hard braking or turning into corners too sharply. It is important that control is maintained at all times of the car, braking too hard or turning into sharp corners at speed or unexpectedly can upset the balance of the car which in turn ends up with the driver losing control.

Changing Lanes

The majority of accidents occur when we are changing lanes, how many times have we seen people changing lanes and they do not see another car, motorbike or cyclist. There have been numerous incidents like this. Therefore, look both ways AND pay particular attention to your blind spot when changing lanes


Speed limits are there for a reason and they are the number 1 killer in accidents. People driving too fast, not paying attention to the speedometer and the road conditions as well as other drivers around them. It is extremely important that speed limits are obeyed at all times, more so as they are in place to keep yourself and others safe.

In wet conditions it is generally accepted to be more cautious as speeding can lead to aquaplaning which we’ll go onto next!


Aquaplaning is the term used when water gets in between the tyres and the road surface whilst driving. You can tell when this is happening as the steering wheel becomes and feels very light, to counter act against gently take your foot off the accelerator, this will help the tyres to regain traction with the road.

This mostly occurs when it is raining or has been raining and puddles are still on the road due to some people still continuing at the same speeds and become the victim of aquaplaning and cause accidents.

Mobile Phones

A 30 mph car travels 100 ft in 2.3 seconds so it is very important you are not distracted by the phone.

The reaction times are 2.5 times slower than drink drivers so it is very dangerous.

You are 4 times more likely to crash if you are on the phone.

It is best to keep the phone in driving mode and then look at the phone when the car has stopped.

Handsfree mode is available in most cars now so that you do not need to look at the phone anymore.

You get 6 points and a £200 fine so be careful as insurance prices will increase and being a PCO driver in London most insurance companies or PCO car hire companies will not give a car to someone who has 6 points.

We hope you enjoyed this article on driving safely and tips to follow!

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