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As a PCO driver you are always on the road, and quite simply this means you may have a higher risk of being involved in an incident because you spend so much time on the road.

Whether it is your fault or not, being involved in an accident can be worrying and can cause you to be confused about what to do. Following these simple steps will help you if you ever need them and will ensure that the process is completed smoothly and if in need, a new PCO Car will be arranged for you as quick as possible.

First thing is first, Are you ok? Is the other driver ok? If needed contact an ambulance straight away and remain calm. If it safe to do so exit the vehicle after putting your hazard lights on.

Secondly, after an incident, NEVER admit liability on the scene. Only insurance professional will be able to determine who is at fault and this is the first step in keeping your claims history safe.

Thirdly, do not move any vehicles straight away, take as many photos and videos as you need. HireBrid Vehicles are all fitted with front and rear cameras for your protection, however we encourage drivers to take photos at the scene to support the video evidence. Leave the engine running so that the cameras continue to record.

Fourth step is taking all the information needed. This includes, drivers name, address, insurance details, witness details both in your vehicle, the third party vehicle, and any bystanders.

The Fifth and final step, is to contact HireBrid immediately to report the incident. We will have you come in so we can retrieve the camera footage and fill in an accident report. We will also be able to assess the damage and get you in to another vehicle whilst your current one is in for repair.

Drive Safe and Stay Aware!