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Uber became one of the leading PCO car hire providers because of their customer service; their ability to provide a much better ride experience as opposed to a traditional taxi service, their easy to use mobile app which lets customers book and pay for their ride right from the mobile platform. This mobile platform has been largely unchanged from the beginning, until now.

Those familiar with the app may have already seen some of the changes as Uber has rolled out many new and innovative services designed to increase customer satisfaction and make Uber the most used transportation app available. Not only is Uber adding new services to their line-up, but they are also partnering with many big cities around the world. This is used to share traffic information and curb-side usage patterns. This is Uber’s way of helping make their app more user-friendly for PCO car hire drivers and their passengers alike.

Cars, Bikes and Food Delivery

Uber is adding many new services to their mobile app including bicycle sharing from startup Jump Bikes Inc., which Uber acquired recently. They have also acquired grocery delivery services and food delivery (UberEats) services.

Public Transportation

Uber is even adding public transit tickets to their mobile app lineup which is a part of their partnership with larger cities and congested traffic centres. This is in addition to all of the services which the PCO car hire industry provides to members of the public on a day to day basis. Recent studies suggest that ride-hailing services are taking customers away from the public services when in fact Uber is working closely with these services and service providers to make it easier for customers to use. Earlier this year Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said that his goal was for Uber to eventually become a marketplace for other transportation prices. “I want to run the bus systems for a city,” Khosrowshahi said. “I want you to be able to take an Uber and then get into the subway…get out and have an Uber waiting for you.

Data Sharing

On April the 11th, Uber announced its plans to expand its Movement project to over a dozen cities including London. Movement is an online tool which is designed for mapping travel times in cities around the world and is powered by Uber’s vast store of ride data. The site allows users to measure travel times between the various parts of a city, tracking how those trips get faster or slower over time. This is generally seen as being very good for the London market as Uber are currently still in the process of appealing their operators licence. Fred Jones, Head of UK Cities at Uber says that Uber Movement will help in the sharing of the data which currently has access to and would help “inform transport policy and future investments”.

Uber’s mobile app will now be offering users with even more options for travel and convenience. This is going to help push Uber’s expansion into many new markets and become more successful doing so. Uber is already taking over many a cities car hire scene and wherever Uber goes they seem to be increasing the PCO drivers in the city.