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When choosing a car for PCO hire in London, you have many options available to you. You could rent a car or rent to own one, both of which have their advantages if you are a new driver. You could also choose to purchase a car, which is what many seasoned PCO drivers in London do as they can save money on the rental fees and taxes. If you do decide to purchase a car, which is better economically? New or used?

For many drivers, buying a used car is much more economical than buying a new one for many reasons. Let’s take a look at some now and see why you should consider buying a used car, in like-new condition, over a new one.

Benefits Of Buying A Used Car Over A Brand New One

Lower Price Tag/Less Depreciation

Used cars especially those in like new condition, often have much lower price tags and less depreciation. Most cars once purchased new, will lose a considerable amount of value the moment you drive them off the lot. This is due to depreciation and the perceived value of the car.  Avoid the depreciation and purchase a newer, used car and you can save thousands.

Dealers fees

Every dealership does this and many car buyers don’t feel that it is right. Shipping charges, destination fees, and “dealer preparation” all add up and can make the price of a new car thousands more over retail. Avoid dealer fees and buy a newer, used car instead.

Lower VAT

New car buyers are often hit with high sales taxes. Depending on the car, these taxes could be so high that the buyer changes his or her mind about the purchase. Registration fees are different depending on the model year and the value of your car. The new car will have higher registration fees than a car that is just two years older.

Extra features are cheaper

If you want a sunroof or navigation system on a new car, it will cost you thousands extra on the new car price. When purchasing a used car that already has these options, you will still pay for them, just not nearly as much.

Whether you choose to purchase a new or used car for your pco car hire career, getting one that is right for you is important. while a new car might have that “new car smell”, is it really worth paying thousands more?