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As of a decision made during 2017, it is now only possible to be an Uber driver in London if you possess a PCO rental license. This is the same license that is required by other minicab drivers working for taxi firms operating in the city (a different license is required for Black Cab drivers). Even though this is an added cost, perhaps the good news is that the license costs only £314 all up (including criminal record and medical checks).

There are around 40,000 registered Uber drivers currently in London, so perhaps this licence fee wasn’t too much of a barrier for them. What does present more of a problem is that the Mayor of London’s transport authority – Transport for London (TfL) – also imposes rules on the kind of car that you can drive whilst working for Uber.

Uber Cars Must Meet a Standard

The app-based ride-sharing company that employs people to work as individual contractors – Uber – also impose their own rules about which type of car you are allowed to offer rides in. Becoming a driver for Uber becomes very restrictive for a lot of people with both sets of rules working against them.

The idea behind most people wanting to become Uber drivers is that they can generate some income by offering their services as a driver and pick up paying passengers simply by using the app. Uber has already created the app, and once installed by both driver and passenger, everything is sorted: the pick-up point, destination, even driving directions, but perhaps most importantly the fare is also predetermined by the app, all of which make Uber-riding easy for passengers and drivers.

Ease of Earning While Driving

It all sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Except that new Uber drivers now have to get over the hurdles of needing a PCO license, and then also get hold of a car that meets both Uber’s imposed standards, and those set by TfL. This means that many new drivers find they cannot afford to get on the road and start earning fares.

Thankfully, there are places that provide PCO cars for rent, and as a new Uber driver, this makes a lot of sense. Apart from an initial deposit, there are no upfront fees. Cars can be rented on a weekly or monthly basis, and then drivers can start earning straight away.

Be Sure in the Car You’re Driving

Drivers will not own their own vehicles but can be safe in the knowledge that the cars are kept well maintained and meet all standards set by TfL and Uber. Using one of these PCO car hire services means that you can start earning as soon as possible and recoup the outlay of the cost of obtaining the PCO license.

If you want to talk to us about hiring one of our PCO cars so that you can become an Uber driver in London, then please give us a call on 0207 722 0020.