Environmental car hire services in London

Are you looking for hybrid car rentals? Contact Hirebrid. We supply high-quality, eco-friendly hybrid cars for hire.

A large fleet of cars

At Hirebrid, we have a large fleet of PCO ready Toyota Prius’s ready for you to collect immediately. We purchase brand new Pco’d cars, so we can know that they will run smoothly on the road. We also continuously add more vehicles to meet the growing demand for our vehicles.

What is PCO hire?

How does PCO car hire work?
All you need is the necessary documents and Hirebrid will provide you with a car that you can use for work. You can rent an Uber approved PCO car with fully comprehensive insurance.

What do I have to pay?

How much is the deposit?
The deposit is £500 which is refundable when you hand the car back, as long as you haven’t had a fault claim, or bring the car back with dents or scuffs.
What if I bring the car back with a small dent?
We have our own approved garage and will repair the dent at cost price and return the remainder of the deposit to you.
What is the minimum contract length?
At Hirebrid, we offer flexible contracts. You can rent weekly, monthly, or for the best rates a 3 month contract.
What payment methods do you accept?
You can either pay with, card/cash/direct debits. Your choice.


Does the car come with fully comprehensive insurance?
Yes, all our cars come with fully comprehensive insurance with Haven.
Can I rent without insurance?
No, we offer the best priced packages and they all include insurance.


What do I do if I have had an accident?
Take down as much information as possible as well as pictures/videos of the scene.
This includes, names, registration numbers, time, date, road name and post code, witness details, insurance company and policy number and
3rd party contact details.
You will then need to contact us immediately and we will bring you in to check the CCTV footage from your vehicle.
We will then ask you to fill in an accident report form and we will handle the rest.
If your vehicle is not drivable, we will arrange for another vehicle for you.

Still have a question?


Get in touch and we will reply as soon as we can.