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As a PCO driver, your goal is not just to provide quality service and affordable transportation for your passengers, but to earn a living doing it as well. And just as in a retail sales environment, the way to increase your profits is to sell more products. In your case, your product is transportation. For that, you need to find more customers and that is what this article is all about.

Finding more customers means finding high density locations where there are more people in need of transportation. It might be relaxing to drive in a suburban setting where there is less traffic, but that also means less passengers and less profits. To build your business and grow, you need to be where the business is and that typically means high density urban areas where the need for your service is in high demand.

But how do you find these high density areas and how do you stake your claim on these areas without interfering with other drivers who have already established themselves in these areas? Finding them is easy and, in actuality, creating a presence there is as well. Let’s take a look:

PCO Driver Pickup Opportunities

High density areas aren’t just the middle of large cities anymore. In fact, anywhere there is a dense population, there is an opportunity for your business to grow. While a city such as London can be very profitable, you might find that some of the areas just outside the city are just as busy.

Businesses And Industrial Complexes

Look for major factories, medical and office buildings and any other large businesses that are on or near public transportation routes and research the patterns of their employees. If you notice that a shift changes at a specific time, you could capitalise on that change by finding out where the employees are coming from and where they are going. If you time it just right, you could bring employees in to work and pick up employees leaving for the day and take them to their homes.


Another way to find high density areas for PCO driver pickup is to look for large universities and advertise your services at the student centres. Many students live off campus or have jobs they go to after classes are finished for the day. This can be an opportunity for you, as a PCO driver, to gain some new customers and create professional relationships that could prove useful on weekends when students leave for home or go out for the evening and don’t want to drive.
Finding high density areas that offer opportunities for PCO driver pickup doesn’t always mean that you have to be at the heart of a major city. While that does help, you can find many opportunities throughout the area and grow your business by finding new customers every day.

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