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Hirebrid provides fully-licensed PCO car hire, offering road-ready cars that are fully compliant with all relevant rules and regulations. We specialise in vehicle hire for London drivers with a PCO license. If you want to work as a cab driver or take advantage of the opportunities presented by Uber, we can provide you with a safe, secure and insured vehicle.

If your own car is not up to scratch, or you would simply prefer not to use it for work purposes, we can provide you with a superbly maintained Toyota Prius that complies with the Central London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). Our comprehensive support package lets you focus on driving while we take care of everything else.

Uber approved & fully comp insured cars

All cars come fully serviced & no hidden charges. All cars fitted with cameras to keep you safe.

Uber ready and PCO approved car hire

All cars come with breakdown cover as standard. We have our own approved garages to help with tyre and bulb changes.

Flexible contracts to suit your needs

We take care of the legwork. Hassle Free and easy setup of automatic payments.


What is a PCO car?

A Private Carriage Office (PCO) car is any vehicle certified by the official body which entitles vehicles to take passengers around London the, car to drive around London. If you want to work as a cab driver in London, you’ll be legally required to drive a vehicle with a PCO license, which can be acquired via Transport for London. This entitles you to drive a minicab including Uber and is valid for three years. PCO cars can include minicabs, London black cabs, and vehicles being driven for rideshare apps.

Arranging PCO car hire in London can be a chore, especially if your vehicle needs to be suitable for Uber. Hirebrid’s service has been designed to make the whole experience as easy and hassle-free as possible. If you want to start earning money now, let us provide you with a pre-approved PCO vehicle.

What are the benefits of Hirebrid's PCO vehicle hire?

The benefits of Hirebrid's PCO vehicle hire is, above all, customer satisfaction and roadworthy cars. All of our cars are of the highest quality, and have been steam-cleaned and sanitised for use by our drivers. We always have a team of people ready to offer assistance with anything our customers require, such as the uploading of documents to Uber. Our no-nonsense approach to PCO car hire has put us in high standing with drivers, and we do not hide any fees from our customers.

Renting a PCO car from Hirebrid guarantees you an approved vehicle, compliant with all regulations. Full service, maintenance and repairs, and insurance is included in the hire costs, as well as great customer support.
Our PCO car hire services in London are very popular with professional drivers because of the great customer support we provide. Our inclusive deals save you from worrying about any unexpected expenses, letting you accurately predict your earnings from month to month.

Whether you are driving part time or it is your full-time occupation, you will need to maintain a professional attitude toward your work if you wish to succeed. The best drivers attract more regular customers and consequently make more money, and with our PCO vehicle rental London packages, you will be able to present a completely professional image to your passengers at all times.

How does the environmentally-friendly PCO cars help to cut down on carbon footprint?

The Toyota Prius Hybrid shows drivers how to use their vehicles more efficiently. There is a built-in computer which shows you the present mileage and average miles per litre. It also allows you to beat the mileage estimates provided by some dealers. The on-board computer helps you make considerable improvements to the miles-per-gallon you consume. They are also extremely quiet, which is very good for long drives, and means that your passengers will be able to have a nice relaxing drive. The Prius Hybrid also requires less maintenance than other models, as Toyota only recommends an oil change every 5000 miles.

Hiring a PCO vehicle from Hirebrid also helps you cut down on your carbon footprint. We offer a large fleet of Toyota Priuses, with all vehicles maintained by highly talented mechanics to ensure that your PCO car is operating at maximum efficiency. This is not only good for the environment but can also help you to save money on fuel to boot.

Our PCO cars also comply with ULEZ which is in operation in Central London every single day of the year. Daily charges for non-compliant vehicles included £12.50 for cars, motorbikes and vans and £100 for coaches and HGVs. Using one of our vehicles will allow you to drive through London without incurring penalty charges, as well as give you peace of mind that your PCO vehicle is fully compliant with all emission standards and legislations.

What is a PCO car licence?

Issued by Transport for London, a PCO car hire licence gives drivers official certification to carry passengers in their vehicles in exchange for payment — in short, to use a vehicle as a taxi. Applying for a PCO licence can be a somewhat expensive process, but the money you spend on your application will be easily and quickly recouped once you’re out on the road. The licence itself can also be easily renewed once your initial licence expires.

What do I need to hire a private hire car?

To hire a PCO vehicle, you will need to be in possession of the following documents:

- A valid driving licence
- A valid PCO card and certificate
- Two different forms of proofs of address
- Your DVLA check code

Can I hire a PCO car without insurance?

We do offer our customers the option of hiring a PCO car from us without insurance, however, we do not recommend doing so. This is because you will get the best value for money when you hire your car with insurance in place. Also, it will make it more difficult for you to proceed in the event that you get into an accident, no matter whether you or another driver is the one at fault. We go into more detail about the importance of insurance for PCO drivers elsewhere on the site.

What happens if i'm involved in an accident in my PCO vehicle?

In the event of an accident in your PCO vehicle, you must contact the insurance company immediately, then take pictures of the car at the scene and get in touch with our office to tell us about the incident. Once this is done, we will let you know the best way to move forward. However, the most important thing is to remain calm! For more information, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to what to do if you get into an accident in your PCO car.

How much is the deposit for a PCO vehicle?

As of March 2020, we have lowered the required deposit for the PCO vehicle, meaning that those applying will only need to pay a £200 deposit to get started with Hirebrid.

What happens if I am caught driving in a bus lane or receive a ticket using the PCO vehicle?

Any fines you incur while driving your PCO car from Hirebrid will be sent to our office. Once we determine whether you were driving the vehicle on the day in question, we will send the form back to the council with your address. They will then forward the letter to your home address, and you will be responsible for all aspects of handling the fine from this point on.

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