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As a PCO driver in London, you want to stay safe while providing your customers with the highest levels of service possible. The PCO car hire industry can be risky at times and, as any experienced PCO driver will tell you, you have to stay smart and stay alert. From unsafe drivers and pedestrians in the street, to intoxicated passengers and those who just want to do you harm, there are many factors that can affect your safety.

     So, just how do you stay safe as a PCO driver in London? Staying safe is as easy as staying smart and watching out for danger. Being aware of your surroundings and the other people around you will ensure that you have a safe and profitable shift every time you go to work.

Let’s take a look at some ways that you can protect yourself as a PCO driver:

Cash Management

     Your money is important and thieves often know that PCO drivers often carry cash. Even with the new app-based payment methods, PCO drivers can be seen as an easy target. A good rule of thumb is to never carry cash on you and if you do have a passenger that pays you in cash or that tips you, either keep it in a hidden security box or deposit it into your bank account throughout the day.

Vehicle Adjustments

      There are many vehicle adjustments that can be made to keep PCO drivers in London safe. A screen between the front and rear seat can protect the driver from assault, while CCTV cameras installed within the vehicle can provide a visual record of everything that happens inside your car. This can protect you in the case of driver/passenger disputes.

     You can also install convex mirrors inside your vehicle so you can see what your passengers are doing without having to turn around and take your eyes off of the road. GPS systems linked to control centres can also provide a security advantage if your PCO car is stolen.

Personal Safety

     Your personal safety is important and anyone working in the PCO car hire industry will know that there are times when you might feel threatened by a passenger or another driver on the road. Your best defense it to stay alert and trust your instincts. Stay calm and relaxed and assess the situation. If the threat is coming from a passenger inside your PCO car, drive to a well-lit, busy area such as a petrol station or convenience store. Do not every give an unruly or intoxicated passenger access to the front seat of your vehicle and if they approach the vehicle, lock your doors and only lower your window enough to speak with them.

     These simple safety tips will make your next shift safer and make your PCO car hire experience a better one.

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