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Tips for Fasting and Driving in Ramadan

So, it is that time again!! For the Muslim drivers and the community, it is time for Ramadan.

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the holiest month in the Islamic Calendar. The month of Ramadan is used for fasting for Muslims and this is a time when they are encouraged to fast and to do good deeds. Reading a lot of Quran and praying a lot. Muslims fast from Sunrise to Sunset.

Are you allowed to drink?

No, there is no food OR drink allowed while fasting. From Sunrise to Sunset nothing is allowed to pass your mouth.


1. Get adequate sleep, exercise regularly and eat your meals at a fixed time.

2. If you feel sleepy before driving, take a power nap and then start your journey.

3. If you feel sleepy while driving, pull over immediately.

4. Be more considerate and patient towards other road users.

5. Start your journey early to avoid last-minute speeding.

6. Always adjust your speed to the road and weather conditions.

7. Watch out for other fatigued drivers and their actions.

8. See and be seen. Before you head out on the road at night, ensure that your headlights, taillights, and signal lights are clean and working properly. Clean your windows to remove road film and dust that could impair your ability to see clearly.

9. Consider public transport, or even a car pool if you are feeling tired.

10. Observe all traffic signs, rules and regulations. Sudden swerving and lane-cutting should be avoided. Always remain alert and concentrate on your defensive driving techniques throughout the month of Ramadan and even after that.

So be careful while you are on the road. You are more susceptible to getting tired and dozing off.
It is better safe than sorry.

Safe driving. Hirebrid Team